Tour the locations and history behind “The Lincoln Hypothosis” with author Timothy Ballard

Come join author Timothy Ballard and journalist Ryan Fisher on a pilgramage to some of the most sacred sites in American history. Locations of the miracles that established the United States and re-established the covenant on this land as addressed by Abraham Lincoln and our founding fathers. This tour only happens once a year and fills up fast. Next tour June 7-14th 2015 cost: $1995 per person. Registration is not yet open, to get on the list send your contact info to:


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NEXT TOUR June 7-14th 2015

Next TOUR; JUNEĀ  7-14th 2015

Tim and Ryan take one week out of their busy schedules to bring others to the sites of the miracles that formed our nation. This tour only happens once a year and fills up fast. Here’s the itinerary:

Guests arrive get shuttle from Boston Airport to hotel and get settled in

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We take off to the beginnings of America arriving at Plymouth where we’ll tour the Monument to our Forefathers with enthusiastic character guide Leo Martin. We’ll also visit Jenny Grist Mill, Plymouth rock, tour the -still sailing- Mayflower 2 ship, and walk amongst the Native Americans and Pilgrims at Plymouth plantation which offers a fully recreated plantation and native American village complete with character actors to interact with.

We’ll also tour John Adams home “Peacefield.”

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We’ll visit a relic of American history, the USS Constitution before heading up to Bunker Hill and Dorchester Heights the sites of little know miracles of the Revolutionary war. We’ll also participate in a tea party re-enactment complete with costumes and throwing the tea overboard.

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Arriving in New York we’ll depart for a harbour cruise touring the site of revolutionary war miracles along with visiting the Statue of Liberty. We’ll also visit Federal Hall where George Washington took his oath of office placing the nation under covenant before climbing to the heights of the Empire State building and descending to ground Zero. This evening we’ll have an optional private Meeting with Johnathan Cahn author of “The Harbinger” at the Jerusalem Center worship center

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We’ll tour the site of the formation of our government, Independence hall and also see the Liberty bell before going to Gettysburg battlefield and exploring the great spiritual messages from that war.

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Today we’ll visit Monacy battlefield to explore the miraculous lost order of general Lee and the miracles that followed before going to the home of George Washington Mt. Vernon. We’ll spend dinner in historic down town Alexandria while dining and walking in the footsteps of our founding fathers.

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Arriving in Washington DC we’ll visit the White house, The site of Lincoln assassination, Fords theater, and the National Mall with all the monuments, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Memorial, war memorials, along with the museums like the Smithsonian, Natural history Museum and Aerospace Museum among others. We’ll also take a tour of the Capitol building where our freedoms are won and lost before returning to historic Alexandria.

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DEPARTURES From Regan Airport (15min. from Alexandria)

Optional morning Church service at local branch for afternoon flights

Tour cost: $1995 per person double occupancy. Go to “Reserve your spot today” for more info.

**Tour Locations and schedule subject to change


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